Englisch Gk 13 – SCIN – Distanzlernen für den Zeitraum vom  17.8. bis 31.8.

– gelöste Aufgaben bitte per mail  senden an: scin@igs-kathi.de; Einreichfrist: 31.8.2020

– Arbeitsgrundlage: Hand-out vom 13.8.2020 „Work and Business – Careers and Perspectives“ (S. 176-179 und 190-191). Ab  KW 36 folgt ein neues Handout.

– Aufgaben:

1.) Read the text „Mitch’s first glimpses of the world of work“ p. 191+192

2.) S. 191: Nr 1: Who said it?

3.) S. 191: Nr 2: Power relations: Fulfill the tasks of partner A and partner B in written form

4.) S. 191: Nr 3: a) (notes) b) write an e-mail

5.) Read the text p. 178 „The world of work and business“

6.) Answer the following questions:

a) Explain what the „two faces“ of world economy are.

b) What happens often to those who have got into their dream job?

c) How can career advisers help you with your career?

d) What are internships good for?

e)What would be good to mention in your application?

f) What (two) types of real life interviews are mentioned?

g) What to aspects can help candidates to be successful in a job interview?

7.) S. 179 language

Do tasks 1-4: Words and phrases, prepositions, opposites, collocations